News of electric vehicles with a subscription from Renault!


A subsidiary of Renault Mobilize has announced two new electric vehicles (Duo and Bento). New cars will be sold by subscription.

The European giant for the production of electric vehicles Renault Group and Mobilize announced their latest models of microcars. The new Duo and Bento cars presented at the Paris Motor Present will be available only by subscription. Here are the new Mobilize Duo and Bento with their bright features and stylish design.

Mobilize Duo and Bento features and subscription details

Mobilize, owned by Renault Group, has introduced its new models in the segment of micro-cars. Duo, announced as a sequel to Twizy; It attracts attention with its thin LED lights, raised bumper and doors with much tougher transitions. According to Renault, the Duo is saturated with the air of the 80s and 90s.

The dimensions of the Duo are also quite interesting. The electric car has a length of 2.43 meters, a width of 1.30 meters and a height of 1.46 meters. The Duo allows you to travel together in a 1+1 format, while the Bento has a 700-liter cargo-type trunk and a single seat.

The Mobilize Duo is driven by a single rear-wheel drive electric motor. It will be offered with two different options that can reach speeds of 45 km/h for children aged 14 and older and 80 km/h for adults. Although the battery capacity is unknown, it has been stated that 140 km can be driven on a single charge, and 90 km on a three—hour charge.

Although both cars have important functions for the microcar segment, Renault’s idea of subscription access has come to the fore. Mobilize Duo will be available at the end of 2023, and Bento will be available to professional customers in the form of a lease from 2024.

Owners of Duo and Bento cars have stated that they can get support from authorized Renault dealers after the sale for maintenance. Although the cost of the subscription is not yet clear, it is said that it is supported by monthly funds for up to three months.

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