News Google Maps: navigation mode while driving


Google Maps is the trusted go-anywhere app. Its navigation mode is the one that takes you through the fastest sites so that you only have to worry about looking at a screen or following the vibration indications that it puts at your disposal. If you are driving, you may have used it thanks to Android Auto, although you may soon see a new navigation mode while driving within Google Maps.

This is the new ‘car mode’ of Google Maps

Google has one of the most important navigation applications in the world of smartphones. And it is that Maps is one of those that are not lacking in smartphones. Whether or not you are a traveler or curious about everything new in your city, you have surely used the software on more than one occasion. It may be one of those moments while you’re behind the wheel and to help you with all the functions that Google integrates, it has put a car mode on Maps.

The cartographic application has many built-in features. It not only tells you the nearby speed cameras, but also the speed at which you are going and the Spotify track that you are playing, it can also read the messages. But according to what AndroidPolice tells there are changes in sight. It turns out that the app will have a built-in driving mode to make it easier to operate while behind the wheel.

It is a most curious interface change that adapts the functions of the browser to the simplest. This visually helps the user not be aware of what the terminal screen says all the time and only have to look at the road or at most an extra glance to know the status of the route you are following.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the application maintains a certain similarity with Android Auto. The icons have a simple and very large access, something that allows them to be found easily.


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