News from China to upset Microsoft


The article, published in a local newspaper in China, explained that the Chinese government will not accept the TikTok – Microsoft agreement enforced by the USA, and is preparing for sanctions for this. Microsoft was in talks to purchase TikTok’s US operations.

Microsoft’s attempt to purchase TikTok’s US operations, which has been claimed for some time, was confirmed yesterday. The negotiations between Tiktok’s Chinese owner ByteDance and Microsoft were in line with the requests of Donald Trump himself. Microsoft even planned to buy Canada, New Zealand and Australia operations after acquiring the US rights of the famous social media platform.

Today, according to an article published in the state-sponsored China Daily newspaper, it is reported that the Chinese state will also weigh this event. Stating whether the US administration can dismantle TikTok, China stated that the US government would respond in a timely manner while describing the US TikTok moves as “theft”.

China accuses the USA of trying to smash TikTok

In a statement in the published article, “The US government, announcing that it will ban TikTok short video sharing application on Friday, said that Microsoft allowed the application to purchase US operations. Such a time-killing movement is a tactic used by the US administration in negotiating trade agreements with China. ” While the state-sponsored newspaper was declared as “bullying” the Chinese technology companies, it was stated that it forced these companies to submit.

The Trump administration wants to take TikTok through Microsoft, which US citizens accuse of sharing their knowledge with the Chinese government. On the other hand, China said that there are many ways to respond if the Trump administration’s desire to “seize it by shred” is true.

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Let us remind you that even if the TikTok application, which is a subject of much debate in our country, is purchased by Microsoft, it is only valid for the USA and several other countries. All other countries, including Turkey, will continue to receive services through the TikTok bytedan by Chinese companies.

The US administration has made similar charges to many Chinese firms over the past few years. The Trump administration, which imposes various sanctions on companies such as Huawei and ZTE, seems to further fuel the ongoing economic war between the USA and China.


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