News for those who play Fortnite with an Apple account!


Epic Games announced Apple’s new decision on Fortnite. Accordingly, it will no longer be possible to access the Epic Games account with an Apple account from tomorrow.

Bad news for those who play Fortnite with an Apple account!

The most controversial and followed issue of the last period was the Apple and Epic Games case. Epic Games, which added its own payment system to the game, faced sanctions from Apple and Google, while Fortnite was deleted from both app stores.

While the legal process between Apple and Epic continues, a new decision made by Apple was announced by Epic. In the statement made on Twitter, it will not be possible to play Fortnite with an Apple account as of September 11.

If you are logging in with an Apple account, you must update your information immediately. To avoid losing your data and character, you should follow these steps:

– Sign back into Epic Games with your Apple account

– Enter the settings page

– Under the General menu, enter an e-mail address that you are actively using and not using your Apple account in the section with your e-mail address.

– Change your password after email change

If you forget to make these updates or you’re running late, Epic Games has another solution for you. If you experience one of these two situations, you will be able to contact Epic Games and make the changes we have mentioned above with the verification code that the company will send you.

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