Newkidd members go missing, fans ask for answers


Newkidd fans are concerned about the well-being of group members. Newkidd fans want the company to speak clearly about what is happening to the group members.

The seven-member group has raised suspicions from fans , who are now concerned about the idols’ well-being. Newkidd is a group that debuted in 2017 under the company J-FLO Entertainment, but recently fans of these guys turned to social networks to ask for help from other fandoms and thus get a response about the members of the group.

It all started when Newkidd followers noticed that only four of the members were still active on social networks, so they did not hesitate to express their curiosity about the rest of the boys.

A short time later, J-FLO Entertainment released a statement explaining that some members of the rookie group had been hospitalized and would have to receive treatment , noting that the boys’ health was the company’s priority.

However, time continues to move forward and fans have yet to receive any new updates on the health of their idols .

The concern increased when some photos of the members were posted on social networks, since they are images that are not recent, fans believe that the company is only trying to extinguish interest in what is really happening with the boys.

Newkidd fans have motivated others to replicate their message and send emails to the company so that their voice is heard and they finally get the answers they have been waiting for.

Another fandom that recently voiced their discomfort against an entertainment company was the REVELUVs, as the release of Irene and Seulgi’s music video was unexpectedly postponed on the day of its release.


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