NewJeans Hyein’s Pre—Febut Clip Becomes a Hot Topic – That’s Why


In various online communities, attention is attracted by a video in which NewJeans Hyein performs a cover of this song by a popular idol girl.

Keep reading to find out why.

NewJeans Hyein’s pre-debut music video was highly praised for THESE reasons

Recently, the life of NewJeans Hyein before the debut attracted attention.

A video of the youngest NewJeans member showing her idol status before her debut is being distributed in online communities and on social media platforms.

In particular, the video is a dance cover clip uploaded to the Pocket TV YouTube channel in January 2021, where the pre-debut Hyun flaunts her performance of the song Oh My Girl YooA “Bon Voyage”.

At the time of writing, the video has gained about 700 thousand views, and people admire the best visual effects of Hyein.

During the performance, the then pre-debut star fascinates with her small face, thin hands, tall stature, in addition to her pure beauty.

Her light makeup and wavy hair also create a fabulous image that matches the concept of the song.

Hyein praised for her incredible dancing skills, which non-fans do not realize that they are watching the performance of a teenager who has not yet debuted. Her movements are smooth and elegant, and her facial expression makes the performance even more spectacular.

But most of all, the fans’ attention was attracted by the loading time of the video. Although it was uploaded just 2 years ago, people are still shocked because Hyein was just an elementary school student when it was filmed.

Despite the fact that she was young, she showed enough performance to be praised for her excellent cover of a song by YUA, one of the best dancers among the soloist idols.

NewJeans fandom, Bunnies, praised the star.

  • “She danced so well even in the 6th grade of elementary school.”
  • “Since then, she has been bragging about “perfect beauty.
  • ” “I can’t believe that two years ago she was an elementary school student.”

Activities of NewJeans Hyein

Prior to her debut, Hyein was a regular participant in a Pocket TV segment called “NOL-A-JWO (Play with Me) Club”. Thanks to this, applicants for the role of idols, such as Hyein, can demonstrate their potential while they are evaluated by professional coaches.

Eventually, Hyeinleft the show and proudly joined as maknae NewJeans, a girl group created by ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels.

Hyein, who was born in 2008, was only 14 years old when she debuted.

After their debut with the hits “Hype Boy” and “Attention” in August of this year, the band continues to gain huge popularity.

NewsJeans was the longest K-pop idol that debuted this year, taking positions on the Billboard charts “Global (excluding USA)” and “Global 200”.

Even their pre-released song “Ditto” is showing its strength to hit the US Billboard chart.

Meanwhile, Hyein herself is also showing her influence not only on the music scene, but also in the fashion world after she was chosen as the new ambassador of Louis Vuitton.


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