New Zealand Glows Green: Lord of the Rings Shooting Resumes


Filming of productions like The Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop will soon begin in New Zealand. It is stated that the shots to be taken in the country are allowed one by two.

For the Lord of the Rings television series prepared for Amazon Prime, the producers preferred New Zealand, where the movies were also shot. It was later revealed that productions like Cowboy Bebop were planned to be shot in the country.

Shooting was stopped all over the world because of the coronavirus. According to the local media of New Zealand, which has recently been among the successful countries in combating the epidemic, the country’s administration has given green light for productions.

New Zealand turns into a huge plateau

According to the site called Stuff in New Zealand and other sources, the country’s Ministry of Trade, Development and Employment granted the necessary permissions for various film and TV projects. Shooting will take place in different regions of New Zealand, one of the most successful countries in the fight against coronavirus.

Among the productions to be shot in the country are quite important names. When we take a look at the list, we see that there are many important productions. The most notable among these are the LotR series and the Avatar series. The list of productions included in the list is as follows:

Lord of the Rings

Cowboy bebop
Power Ranger Beast Morphers
The Greatest Beer Run Ever
Sweet tooth
Avatar series of James Cameron
The Power of the Dog

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Players will be summoned for shots

As a result of the work that has been going on since March for the shootings, shootings begin. New Zealand decided to recruit 206 crew members and 35 members of their families for shooting. In addition, 10 people were invited to the country for the Avatar series. It was known that there was a team of 35 people working in the country.

It seems that we will see New Zealand in the background in many productions that we will watch on television or on the big screen in the coming period. The future will show whether different productions will be moved to this country in the future.


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