New YouTube comments design coming to Android


YouTube is going for a new design change for Android. Accordingly, Google started to try new designs for YouTube comments.

YouTube will thus make the comments section easier for creators to communicate with viewers more easily.

New design for YouTube comments from Google

It turned out that Google is experimenting with a new comments design in the YouTube interface. To comment on the Android YouTube app, you need to tap a comment. So you can see other comments and also add comments to the video.

The new YouTube feature tested for Android will allow you to quickly add comments below the video. So you will be able to add your own comments without having to see other comments. This new YouTube design was discovered by Android Police.

If you want to see other comments, the See all comments button next to this quick response comes into play. Besides this comment screen, it is possible to see the number of all comments.

YouTube is trying two other designs for the comment section. You can view comments with arrows in one of these designs. The other design includes a button that allows you to view all comments.

Google made important changes in April 2020 to make the app’s comments section easier to access. However, it is obvious that the company does not consider this design sufficient yet.

For now, this new comment screen design is in beta testing. It was also revealed that this beta was seen in some YouTube beta users. Whether these trials will become real designs is a matter of curiosity.

For YouTube, comments are one of the most important features of the platform. It is very important for Google that users have easy access to comments and more interaction with creators. The increase in mobile internet usage in recent years also enables Google to make more improvements in the YouTube application.