New York Police Robot Dog Takes Action Again


l hostage situation, but ended up finding no one.

Designed for emergency situations in which the life of the human police would be at risk, the stylized four-legged robot in blue and black colors has lights and is equipped with cameras capable of transmitting images in real time, allowing the NYPD to see everything that he watches while in action.

In addition, the robot dog has artificial intelligence to navigate on its own, manages to climb stairs, climb obstacles and carries a two-way communication system that can be used when the police need to communicate with a suspect, for example. This version of the Spot weighs about 30 kg and walks at a speed greater than 5 km / h.

Robots under test

According to sources heard by the publication, Digidog has been undergoing a test phase at the NYPD since 2020, and could be integrated with the city’s police force soon, if it proves to be really useful.

In October of last year, the robot dog was also summoned for a police operation during a shooting in the Brooklyn area, when it appeared in a different version than the current one, still wearing the colors yellow and black.

At that time, the machine created by Boston Dynamics was tasked with investigating the basement where the sniper who shot a person in the head was hiding during a parking dispute.


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