New York Mayor Withdraws from Presidential Race


New York’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, who announced his candidacy for the US presidency last May, announced his retirement.

58-year-old Blasio, the news channel said the main reason for the withdrawal of the MSNBC Democratic Party’s rules for participation in television debate programs, he said. Las The Donor Border is so high that many of us have not reached the desired numbers, said Blasio. According to the rules, candidates must reach 130,000 donors to participate in television debates and reach 2 per cent support in surveys.

De Blasio, 58, announced his candidacy for president with the slogan “Working Class First“. De Blasio, the 24th candidate from the Democratic Party, said in a video message that President Donald Trump should be stopped.

Trump’s response to the de Blasio was quick. Trump on Twitter, ‘’ No, it’s a really big political development. Maybe the biggest news in recent years. B @BilldeBlasio, part-time Mayor of New York, who has zero potential in the polls but has great potential, shockingly ridiculed the words .

Bill de Blasio, whose third-term contest for New York City Mayor was not legally possible, could not stand out from among the strongest senators like former vice-president Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as he could not make a national profile.

“I’m from New York, and I’ve known Trump for a long time as a tyrant. I know how to beat him ”, but most New Yorkers were against De Blasio’s presidential race.


After Bill de Blasio announced his retirement from the presidential race, US President Trump responded.

No, it’s really a big political news, even the biggest news in recent years, Tr Trump said on social media. Mayor Bill de Blasio, part-time Mayor of New York, who has zero in polls but has tremendous potential, shockingly withdrew from the presidential race. ”


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