New Xiaomi Mi Mix, 2 screens and ‘giant’ camera


A recent patent registered by Xiaomi indicates the development of a new device with two screens by the Chinese. Just like its “brother” Mi Mix Alpha – postponed indefinitely for marketing reasons – the new device would have an advantageous display and would give space only for a huge camera at the rear.

The documentation contains a gallery of rendered images that show a design very similar to the Mi Mix Alpha – huge screen that surrounds the device and almost nonexistent edges – but with a large section reserved for a camera much larger than we know of the market.

Presented in opaque black or transparent black, the images let some information about the sensor pass. It is possible to see the presence of a module for 5G connection and a 108 MP sensor, specially named “AI Super Camera” in one of the markings close to the lens, with Super Zoom technology.

Other details such as hardware, value and more information about the camera are lacking. The patent registered with China’s intellectual property body, found on the LetsGoDigital website, lacks precise descriptions or confirmations that the product will arrive in stores at some point.

Jermaine Smit, creator of YouTube’s Concept Creator channel, imagined what the device would look like in a Xiaomi ad. The result is a video that highlights details not yet seen on the device and a simulation of the behavior of the Xiaomi Mi Mix lenses. In its creation, Jermaine renames the device as Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Pro.

Xiaomi has not commented on the discovery of LetsGoDigital and should not do so until the possible announcement of the device. Still, because it is a simple patent registration, we should only consider this device as a rumor – especially considering the absence of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha so far.


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