New Xbox Series X Live Image at German Event


The console still has no starting price, although we already know that it will go on sale this November. New look at Xbox Series X in real size.

Xbox Series X has been exhibited at a face-to-face event that took place at the Xperion e-arena of the Saturn company, in Germany. The next Microsoft console, which will hit stores this November at a price yet to be confirmed, is thus seen in a real image that serves as a small appetizer of what will be a reality in the homes of Xbox users a from the end of the year.

The event has not offered new information about the console, but it does show some aspects that could previously raise more doubts. For example, that the button to remove the discs or start the console would be very similar, at least in appearance, to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which protrude slightly from the chassis.

We also see that the upper part is still concave, as shown in the promotional videos and successive events, although it is not clear how that green area will be emulated; if it will be illuminated or if it will have, on the contrary, an opaque surface of that color.

Xbox Series X is coming this November; price not confirmed

After the last Xbox Games Showcase it has become clear what is Microsoft’s long-term roadmap with the console, which will feature more than 1000 launch compatible games through backward compatibility, Xbox Game Pass and titles that are released in stores from day one (which are for now unknown).

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Announcement for Xbox Series X price and release date

Halo: Infinite’s delay to 2021 raises more questions about said launch, which will now have titles such as Scorn, The Medium or Tetris Effect: Connected as its main exponents; as well as patches to improve the experience in works like Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4.

Microsoft has confirmed a presence at Gamescom 2020, which will take place at the end of the month. It is expected that titles will be confirmed that will soon arrive on Xbox Series X. Also, Xbox One S is still pending confirmation, filtered through the boxes of the new controls from Redmond.


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