New Xbox interface released for Xbox One


Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available next month. It is already possible to see the new software experience Microsoft will offer on its new consoles on Xbox One.

Microsoft announced the new Xbox user interface last August. This interface will appear in mobile applications, PCs and consoles. With the October update of Xbox One, the new interface was made available on existing consoles.

The new interface provides a refreshed look and feel of use on Xbox One, with rounded corners and new style icons. With the changes made in the Xbox Store a while ago, a faster and easier to use experience was offered. While the automatic playback of videos can be stopped with the new update, changes are also made to make the game experience smoother. It is also worth noting that the design of the incoming notification box has changed.

According to the statement made by Microsoft, it is easier to set up a new console with the new interface released for Xbox One. Profile Themes are also available to all users with the update. In the Recents section, settings and fast access to the Microsoft Store are now provided. This makes it easy to navigate the interface.


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