New Xbox browser lets you play on GeForce Now


As we reported last weekend, the Xbox should receive the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge soon. The novelty this time is that the browser should be able to run applications GeForce Now, Nvidia’s streaming service, and consequently platforms such as Steam.

The information was released by youtuber Joe Chip yesterday (08). According to him, insiders from Microsoft’s testing program are testing the tool that allows them to play on other services without the need for a PC.

Joe took the opportunity to record a video about how the feature works. He showed access to GeForce Now and simulated a match of Wreckfest, race title. This kind of emulation runs as if it were on a computer, making it possible to configure aspects such as texture, screen resolution, aspect ratio and more.

The scheme opens doors to interesting things, such as the possibility of playing games that were exclusive to PlayStation and recently arrived on the PC, such as Death Stranding.

GeForce Now also gives you access to the Epic Games Store, which also allows you to play exclusive store titles like Hitman 3, Fortnite and Rogue Company. In addition to all this, the new browser should improve services run like Skype and Discord.

In addition to the aforementioned services, the new Xbox Edge will be able to run Stadia. Journalist Tom Warren revealed that the updated version of the software still has bugs, but already allows access to the Google service on Microsoft consoles.


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