New Xbox app for Android from Microsoft


Microsoft has prepared a new Xbox application for Android. The app will enable Xbox One (and in the future Series X and S) owners to play their console games on their phones or tablets. Until now, only members of the Xbox Insiders program could benefit from this opportunity.

It is worth noting that this is a different feature from xCloud. Here, users do not play games from the cloud and download them directly to their device. No Xbox Game Pass subscription is required. Sony also offers a similar facility with Remote Play for PS3 and PS4.

Currently used with the beta label, the Xbox app has a similar design to the updated user interface of Xbox One. Compatible with the share button on the latest Xbox Wireless Controller, the app makes it easy to share captured screenshots or captured screen recordings on social media. Users can share these images on their Xbox profiles if they wish.

The app can also be used for the Xbox Series X or S setup. Users will be able to configure their settings while downloading updates to the console. Managing the game library and being able to use it as a remote control are among the highlights of the Xbox’s new Android application.

Profiles can also be accessed through the application. Thus, it is possible to see what friends are doing or invite them to a game party. The search feature also shows games and friends together in the results.

The new Xbox Android application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is unknown when the iOS version of the application will be released.


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