New World Opens New Servers Around The world After Launch Problems


New World: The official website of the new Amazon Game Studios updates the list of available servers, also in Spain. The new MMO from Amazon Game Studios has been released with problems. New World has not been able to sustain all of those new worlds on its servers, so players have experienced endless queues and general instability. With over 700,000 concurrent users on its debut, many others have tried unsuccessfully to sign in. Faced with this situation, the reactions have not been made to beg: negative reviews on Steam and a lot of frustration on the part of the community. Meanwhile, the studio has announced that they have opened new servers, an extensive list that we offer you below.

All new servers

Central Europe Region
Takshasila: Vanaheim Zeta
Diana’s Grove: Vanaheim Zeta
Ismarus: Vanaheim Eta
Harpinna: Vanaheim Eta
Hippotae: Vanaheim Theta
Ismarus: Vanaheim Theta
Pointland: Vanaheim Mu
Wonderland: Vanaheim Mu
Damalis: Vanaheim Xi
Nowhere: Vanaheim Xi
Carcosa: Vanaheim Tau
Estotiland: Vanaheim Omega (FR / EN)
Tabor Island: Vanaheim Omega (FR / EN)
Groclant: Vanaheim Ultra
Erewhon: Vanaheim Ultra
Kantia: Vanaheim Signature
Jacquet: Vanaheim Signature
Mandara: Vanaheim Core (DE / EN)
Dvaraka: Vanaheim Core (DE / EN)
Banoic: Vanaheim Core (DE / EN)
Chryse: Vanaheim Core (DE / EN)
Pellucidar: Vanaheim Omicron
Kianida: Vanaheim Omicron
Frisland: Vanaheim Lambda (ES / EN)
Larissa: Vanaheim Lambda (ES / EN)
Petermannland: Vanaheim Sigma
Pepys: Vanaheim Sigma
Wachusett: Vanaheim Kappa
Zanara: Vanaheim Kappa
Aepyornis: Vanaheim Radial
Mardi: Vanaheim Radial
Zu-Vendis: Vanaheim Terra
Phaeacia: Vanaheim Terra
Ship-Trap: Vanaheim Alto
Caprona: High Vanaheim
Caspak: Vanaheim Luft
Altruria: Vanaheim Luft
Evonium: Vanaheim Luft
Barsoom: Vanaheim Luft
Nericus: Vanaheim Luft
Pavlopetri: Vanaheim Tenebris
Kerguelen: Vanaheim Tenebris
Heracleion: Vanaheim Tenebris
Ravenspurn: Vanaheim Tenebris
Muziris: Vanaheim Tenebris
Balanjar: Vanaheim Tenebris
Otuken: Vanaheim Tenebris
Emathia: Vanaheim Lux
Hellopia: Vanaheim Lux
Quivira: Vanaheim Lux
Vicina: Vanaheim Lux
Glitnir: Vanaheim Terra
Kalevala: Vanaheim Terra
Malva: Vanaheim Terra (FR / EN)
Cassipa: Vanaheim Terra (DE / EN)
Lamian: Vanaheim Lambda (ES / EN)
Pulotu: Vanaheim Lambda (ES / EN)
Mayda: Vanaheim Kappa (PL / EN)
Latin American Region
Nibiru Chi (ES / EN) – Kasanaan
Nibiru Chi (ES / EN) – Bhuloka
Nibiru Chi (ES / EN) – Ekur
Nibiru Mu (ES / EN) – Rukh
Nibiru Mu (ES / EN) – Patala
Nibiru Nu (ES / EN) – Anu
Nibiru Nu (ES / EN) – Sanzu
Nibiru Nu (ES / EN) – Morven
NA East Region
Arkadia Terra: Youming
Arkadia Terra: Jiuyuan
Arkadia Terra: Zugen
Arkadia Terra: Santu
Arkadia Terra: Yinfu
Radial Arkadia: Maleas
Arkadia Radial: Podesta
Radial Arkadia: Jezirat al Tennyn
Radial Arkadia: Antullia
Radial Arkadia: Cibola
Arkadia Kappa: Bentusle
Arkadia Kappa: Brazir
Arkadia Kappa: Ohonoo
Arkadia Kappa: Mu
Arkadia Sigma: Lin Lin
Arkadia Sigma: Onkeion
Arkadia Sigma: Nolandia
Arkadia Phi: Vyraj
Arkadia Phi: Asmaida
Arkadia Phi: Dis
Arkadia Phi: Onogoro
Arkadia Tau: Vlaanderen
Lesnik: Arkadia Radial
Bembina: Arkadia Radial
Boosaule: Arkadia Alto
Bouneima: Arkadia Alto
Britannula: Arkadia Alto
Caeno: Arkadia Alto
Cenculiana: Arkadia Alto
Ceryneia: Arkadia Alto
Deipnias: Arkadia Alto
Difu: Arkadia Core
Dindymon: Arkadia Core
Diyu: Arkadia Core
Elelin: Arkadia Terra
Empi: Arkadia Terra
Eupana: Arkadia Coral
Galunlati: Arkadia Coral
Trapalanda: Arkadia Coral
Harpagion: Arkadia Coral
Hippocrene: Arkadia Coral
Houssa: Arkadia Coral
Huokang: Arkadia Coral
Idadalmunon: Arkadia Luft
Jiuquan: Arkadia Luft
Jiuyou: Arkadia Luft
Caerleon: Arkadia Rho
Dinas Emrys: Arkadia Rho
Himinbjorg: Arkadia Rho
NA West Region
World Set: World Name
Westernesse Zeta: Tarshish
Westernesse Zeta: Tayopa
Westernesse Eta: Ophir
Westernesse Theta: Satanazes
Westernesse Mu: Ortygia
Westernesse Mu: Parima
Westernesse Nu: Quanlu
Westernesse Nu: Rivadeneyra
Westernesse Xi: Taenarum
Westernesse Rho (ES / EN): Rupes Nigra
Westernesse Tau: Sannikov Land

New World is available exclusively for PC since last September 28. As for the possibility of it coming out for consoles, Amazon has stressed that at least for now there is nothing planned for the near future.


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