New World: MMO da Amazon é adiado novamente


The Amazon Game Studios MMO, known as New World, had its release promised for May 2020 originally. However, that date did not last long, as it was soon postponed to August 2020 and later to the beginning of 2021.

So far so good, after all, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 caused many games that would be launched in 2020 to be postponed. Unfortunately, it seems that the saga of postponements that surrounds New World is not over yet, as it had its release date pushed once again, now to August 31, 2021.

The announcement came during an update given by the developers in the video above. According to the team working on the title, this delay is serving to help them implement and polish features and news to the game. This is not a big surprise, considering that MMOs can actually be a lot more complicated than an AAA single player game, for example.

Other than that, the developers also commented that the free-to-play game will have a closed beta test that will start on July 20th. This will be a great opportunity for fans to check out more about this game that has been promised for so long.

We only hope that it will not be postponed yet again. Are you also curious to know more about New World during the Closed Beta? Leave your comment below!