New World: Know The Actual Size Of The Game Map


New World: After some delays and a lot of anticipation, New World — Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG — has been released and is enjoying great success. Part of this success is due to the huge open world that the studio created for the game, which allows for many possibilities for fun.

Map size is a major issue in New World, as factions must control territories — and the more territories they control, the more advantages there are to accomplishing missions. Thinking about it, the staff of the gringo site Twinfinite decided to calculate how many km2 of area are available for the factions to dominate.

A country-sized game map

As you can see in the image above, the folks at Twinfinite made a very simple “baker’s account” to estimate the total area of ​​the New World map.

In short, they drew two rectangles on top of the map and calculated the area of ​​each one. What was left out of the rectangle kind of compensates for the part of the rectangle without a map, as you can see in the red arrows. It’s not quite exact, but it comes at a close value.

Adding the two rectangles together, the site reached a total of 21.07 square miles. Converting that number to the units of measurement the rest of the world uses, we get 54.5 km2. Just out of curiosity, this is the size of many small and medium-sized cities in Brazil — or, rather, it’s a little less than the area of ​​the Republic of San Marino, with 61 km2.


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