New World is ‘Frying’ RTX 3090 boards


New World: Some players are already participating in the Beta of New World, MMORPG created by Amazon, but the experience is not being the best for a portion that has the RTX 3090 card in their computers.

According to messages posted on Reddit, a group that is simply trying to load the game saw the RTX 3090 boards “fry” (especially the EVGA RTX 3090 models), forcing their owners to contact the manufacturers for a refund or a new piece. Even variations of this same board from other manufacturers are experiencing problems such as overheating and fluctuations in power usage.

A youtuber known as Gladd even published a message on Twitter reporting this fact (the video card that was in his computer also broke) and asking other people to be careful when running the game.

It is noteworthy that, at the time of publication of this news, neither Amazon nor the manufacturers of RTX 3090 boards had spoken about the matter or offered any kind of solution so that the same does not happen to other people when the title moves to the stage of Alpha test.