New World Beyond series claims its first victim


The Walking Dead will return to the fan screens of AMC’s zombie series, with the additional 6 episodes from season 10 currently in production.

Meanwhile, fans of The Walking Dead are following up on their spinoff series The Walking Dead World Beyond, in which clues are being revealed as to the whereabouts of Rick Grimes.

And it is that Thhe Walking Dead: World Beyond, which premiered in early October, recently aired the episode Truth or Dare and it brought its first victim.

During the development of the episode, when they return to the base, Percy asks Iris to find him in the truck. Upon arriving there, the vehicle is filled with copies of famous paintings.

At one point, after reaching the truck, Iris ends up falling asleep, while Percy never made it. Upon exiting the vehicle, she heads to the new hideout.

Inside, he finds the corpse of Tony Delmado (Scott Adsit) with his head crushed by Silas’s wrench, which is next to the body. Some tracks with blood marks lead to Silas, who passed out next to a bottle of alcohol.

Evidently, everything points to Silas being the one who killed him. However, someone else may have committed the murder. Situation, which we could see in the next episode of The Walking Dead World Beyond.

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