New World: Amazon Games MMO is Delayed by Almost 1 Month


New World: Amazon Games announced, this Wednesday (04), that New World has been postponed to September 28 this year. The game, which was scheduled for August 31, needs to undergo improvements in performance and connection to servers, according to the devs.

“This was not an easy decision to make. We know this isn’t the first time we’ve changed the release date in search of better quality and it can be disheartening to have to wait a little longer. But we want to ensure that we deliver the highest quality game possible,” says a statement released by the company.

In the text, the gaming arm of the retail giant explains that during the beta phase of New World, more than 16 million hours were played. The millions of players have made the title reach the top of views on Twitch and become one of the most favorites on Steam.

The developer explained that it is using feedback from fans in the beta phase to make the game “smooth and fun”. “This means making some improvements based on what you guys found during Closed Beta. So we’re going to take those extra weeks to fix bugs, improve stability and polish the game.”

About New World

New World is a PC MMO from Amazon Games that is set in a fantastical universe called Aeternum, the Eternal Island. The game’s release has already been promised for May 2020, August 2020, Q2 2021 and most recently August 31st of this year.

The first delays were due to the coronavirus pandemic, which hindered development. More recently, the company justified that it is still necessary to adjust some details of problems that were pointed out by players in the test phases.

Voxel has already had the opportunity to check out New World, which was recently accused of “frying” RTX 3090 boards. For fans, it remains to be seen the new promise that the game will finally be released on September 28 on PC.


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