New Windows 10 update brings backup


Another Windows 10 update came with problems for users. This time, update KB4601319, which has been available for installation since last month, would be causing some headaches for a group of people using the Microsoft operating system.

According to reports shared by Windows Latest, some of the users who installed the update experienced problems with Windows File History. The tool is used to manage backups in the operating system.

“This caused my backups to fail completely and uninstalling the KB restored the backup to working,” said one of the users affected by the problem in the Windows Latest forum. “There is a topic about this in the Microsoft community, but unfortunately, I see no evidence that anyone within the company has recognized this.”

The failure of the backup function was not the only problem brought about by the update. Certain users have reported that the KB4601319 update has also caused malfunctions on the webcam, in addition to causing unexpected stops in applications.

No solution so far

As of the time of this news, Microsoft had not yet released an official statement on the problems. With that, there is still no estimate of how much errors will be solved for people affected by the failures brought by the update.

If you are experiencing errors in Windows that are similar to those described above, the only method to correct the problem is to uninstall the KB4601319 update. To do this, just follow the steps below:

– Enter Settings and Windows Update;
– Click the View Update History option and go to the Uninstall Updates option;
– Find the update KB4601319, released in February, and click uninstall.


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