The new Windows 10 design is on the way!


Windows 10 users, the most used operating system in the world, have long complained that they are not different on the design side. However, Microsoft Product Manager Panos Panay has relieved those who are waiting for a change with their sharing. According to this sharing, there will be big changes in the design of Windows 10. So how will the new Windows 10 design be?

The new Windows 10 design is on the way!
Sharing by Microsoft official shows us some frames from past versions of Windows. Finally, we see the innovations coming to Windows 10. The most striking factor is the fact that the fonts on the Windows lock screen have changed. It is also seen that the start menu has been renewed in terms of design. It is expected to improve its functionality as well as its design.

The new Windows 10 design showcases Microsoft’s design approach, the flat and overall design approach. It is stated that this design is more efficiency oriented for users. We already see the similar design in many of Microsoft’s products.

There is no clear information about when this design update will reach users. However, the announcement by the Microsoft official shows that it is not a very advanced date.

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