New Windows 10 bug crashes PCs during disk check


The December 2020 update on Windows 10 generated a new bug that is affecting a basic function of some computers. According to the Windows Latest website, which found several user reports on support forums, the popular and important “chckdsk c: / f” command simply causes some machines to crash.

The error involves an error message and even the new version of the Blue Screen of Death, under the code NTFS FILE SYSTEM. The failure seems more common when the command is used on SSDs, but it is not restricted to that type of drive. Some members of the Microsoft community have already identified the same problem during internal testing a few months ago, which means that the company should already be aware of and even working on a fix – probably sent via an update in the future.

Chckdsk, better known as CheckDisk, is a hard drive scanning tool that analyzes the drive’s performance and detects possible errors. That is, in addition to having the PC locked, you are left without the result and can miss serious failures. To bring the PC back to normal after the bug, just manually restart the machine.

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