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YouTube launched on Wednesday (23) a new page that should act as a transparency portal to answer some of the most important questions received on a daily basis about the platform. “How YouTube works” aims to detail its product policies and strategies for becoming a responsible platform for the community.

The doubts addressed will be as varied as the millions of content shown daily. These are topics such as child safety, harmful content, incorrect information and copyrights, as well as responses to specific problems as they arise, from the reaction to the covid-19 crisis to the postures regarding elections around the world.

According to Google, the company that owns YouTube, the site has three main objectives:

  • Answering important questions
  • Bring knowledge about products and policies
  • Bring knowledge about progress and impact.
  • How does YouTube work?

Unlike what we are used to when browsing YouTube, the answer to the website’s title question is provided in the form of texts. They are concise, clear and easy to read documents.

The responses are geared to what YouTube calls “our four principles of responsibility”, all related to a commitment to user safety.

These principles are the company’s four Rs:

  • Remove content that violates policies
  • Reduce the reach of material with questionable content or misinformation
  • Recommend reliable sources of news and information
  • Reward trusted content creators on the platform

To facilitate navigation, and also to ensure that the different themes are always up to date, “How YouTube works” has several tabs (“Our commitments”, “Product characteristics”, “User settings”, “Rules and policies” and “Progress and impact”). In each of them, links take the user through a journey of knowledge.

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