New way to make money on Instagram: Reels Summer Bonus


Instagram brings a new feature to make monetization easier for its users. What is the Reels Summer Bonus?

In recent years, short video format applications have attracted attention all over the world. Especially with the effect of the pandemic period, people have been thrown into the internet world to spend time at home. However, short video applications such as TikTok and Instagram Reels have started to attract a lot of attention.

Instagram constantly innovates to increase the fierce competition with TikTok. It continues to work on increasing its content producers and viewers, especially for the Reels feature. It has been on the agenda recently with the price offers it gives to certain views. Now comes the Reels Summer Bonus payouts. So what does this mean?

Instagram brings Reels Summer Bonus payouts

We know that Instagram has offered multi-follower creators a fee for a certain amount of views in the past months. Now, he is working on a new feature. The Reels Summer Bonus, (Reels Play Bonus) will be phased out and is currently only available in the US.

Launched 2 months ago, the program allows you to share Reels videos on Facebook. But previously, the app didn’t send invitations to join the program. In the post shared by Jeff Higgins on his Twitter account, it is written that he received an invitation from Instagram to participate in the Reels Play Bonus program and that the program will start after December 10.

You are given a 30-day opportunity to monetize Reels videos. The company’s goal is to get help from participants to compile a statistic on how these short videos get more views and which concepts are getting the most attention. Facebook says it will invest a total of $1 billion in content producers.

How to get involved in the program and how does it work?

By accepting the invitation to participate in the Reels Summer Bonus program, you also agree to abide by the Instagram Creator Incentive Terms and program rules that apply to Instagram Bonuses. You can also register yourself and see if you meet the requirements. Within 30 days of joining the program, you can select as many Reels videos as you want to participate in the program.

To add these videos to the Reels Summer Bonus program, you must select the Summer Bonus option from the Bonuses page before sharing the video. If you forget, you can go back and change it within 24 hours. This rule does not apply as the payments are made on the last day of the month.