New Wasteland 3 patch cuts load times


The study behind Wasteland 3 launches an update that reduces load times by up to 60% on PC and 25% on consoles, among other improvements.

InXile Entertainment releases a new update for Wasteland 3. This version 1.1.2 stands out for the changes they have made in the loading times. As the study explains in the notes, they have reduced time by up to 60% on PC and up to 25% on console.

“This update has several important changes, including demanded improvements to load times, as well as bug fixes. To reduce loading times we had to rewrite how our level loading procedure worked, but we think you will appreciate the results, “they comment.

In your example, your test computer reduced a load from 38 seconds to just 13. The changes also affect the automatic save system. Now it will not happen during the loading of a level, but will happen next. InXile advises its players not to close the game while the Ranger star appears circling the bottom of the screen.

The console versions will have specific changes that improve stability and performance. Moving into playable skins, the sniper ambush chain perk will now not break control during combat. On the other hand, the game will no longer crash when you exit the conversation with the Prasad while he is speaking.

You will find the rest of the improvements below. The update is now available on Steam and GOG. On the rest of the platforms, it will arrive at the beginning of the week of October 12.

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