New vulnerability in Twitter Android app


Twitter announced that a new vulnerability has been discovered in the Android app that affects a small number of users. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the deficit was closed; In this process, it was stated that some personal messages might have been accessible to those who made clear use of it. According to the information given on Twitter, this has affected the users of devices with older versions of Android installed.

The micro blogging service said that the proportion of vulnerable Android users is 4 percent and that these users do not install the patch required for the security issue on Android 8 and 9. In the absence of this patch, it is possible for hackers to access users’ message boxes and other account information on Twitter through harmful applications.

According to the information provided on Twitter, there was no sign that the deficit was used by malicious people. This is important in terms of showing the importance of Android security patches and the phones that no longer receive these patches need to be replaced.

Twitter has also taken some steps to prevent the Android application from coming up with such problems. With the update prepared for the application, access of other applications to Twitter’s data is blocked. The microblog service stated that, besides the possibilities offered by Android, it also put in extra security measures.

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