New Visuals for Season 2 Filming of The Witcher Series


The second season of Netflix’s popular TV series The Witcher continues with great speed. New images of the shots, which are expected to be completed in February 2021, were shared. The images show Yennefer and other sorcerers.

The game series The Witcher, which was adapted from the book of the same name by CD Projekt RED in the coming years, enjoys great popularity today. This interesting fantasy story, which appeared as a series on Netflix last year, quickly started work for the 2nd season shootings after the success of the series.

New images of the second season shootings of The Witcher, which is expected to be released on Netflix in 2021, continue to come. We can see Yennefer and many wizards accompanying him in the last photos shared for the new season, which has been shooting since the last few months. When we look at the shared images, we see that almost all of them are made up of magicians. This shows us that we will continue to see wizards together in the new season.

What will happen in Season 2?

According to the story we know from the books and games, in the second season of The Witcher, we will see Geralt bring Ciri to Kaer Morhen and train it. At this point, of course, we expect to see various action scenes and journeys. Also, Netflix may not have wanted to take the series to the books at every point.


When will the season two shootings end?

The most curious thing about the new season of The Witcher is when it will be released. It is still unknown when the series will air, but filming is expected to be completed before February 2021. After the filming of the series is completed, we expect to witness Geralt’s adventures together in the spring – summer months. We will continue to inform you as new information about the series becomes available.

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