New video shared for iPhone 12 camera capabilities


There are many negative comments for the iPhone 12. The first users who bought the phone reported that there were some problems with the phone, and we conveyed these problems to you. Although the iPhone 12 series comes to the fore with problems, it also receives very positive comments on the camera side. Apple has released a video showcasing its camera capabilities for the new iPhones. In this video, the phone’s capabilities from slow motion mode to macro shooting meet with the user. These videos, which can be shot even with home equipment, look pretty good.

iPhone 12 camera capabilities unveiled

The new video was shared under the name “Everyday Experiments”. The video shows how creative and beautiful images can be shot, with materials readily available at home. These shots with balloons, water, empty jars and lights look pretty cool.

iPhone 12 kamera yetenekleri

Using slow-motion water-filled balloons, the duo show how creative images can be created by adding oil and paint to water-filled jars. In the video, which is also shot with lights with night mode, Time-Lapse shooting is also made with night mode. Apple previously shared how shots can be made with the iPhone 12.


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