New video editing tools to Google Photos iOS app


An updated video editor is coming to the Google Photos app for iOS. With this editor, adjustments such as trimming video clips, adding filters, trimming or exposure compensation, contrast or saturation can be made.

The new video editor options work similarly to existing photo editing tools. Click the “edit” button while previewing a video. When you do this, the new editor will appear. You will see a few new tabs added next to the existing “Export as photo” option.

There are a variety of filters, including the “Auto” filter. Its auto filter intelligently adjusts your video. There are also manual tuning controls. Under the light menu, there are different settings such as exposure compensation, contrast, white balance, shadows, blacks, vignette. The color section includes settings such as saturation, color temperature, skin tone and deep blue.

There are also various options within the cut menu. Thanks to these, it will be easier to share a video on social media platforms such as Instagram. The new editor offers several preset cut options such as 16: 9, 4: 3, 3: 2 and square. There is also an option to manually adjust the frame aspect ratio.

With the newly added options, the level of control over the videos within the Google Photos app is further increased. Previously, users were only allowed to balance, rotate, and set the start and end time at a basic level. In fact, the tools offered on the Android side are only limited to these.

The new iOS features are similar to those that appear in the redesigned editor Google continues to work on on the Android side. However, we do not know when Google will present this revamped editor on the Android side. However, the emergence of iOS editing tools shows that the expected distribution for Android is not far away.


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