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Ovio Studios, one of the start-up companies, had released their first game, Complete Car Driving Simulator, which is the racing simulation in the past months. After the game was released, we published our experiences, likes, criticisms and suggestions about the game in a separate article. Our readers, who wish, can reach the article we wrote about the first version of the game from the link below. But today, our topic is different because Ovio Studios has subjected Complete Car Driving Simulator to serious changes since its first release, and the game has been re-released today with the name “Gear Up” for both Android users and iOS users. Let’s remind you that you need to delete the old version before switching to the new version of the game, and let’s move on to the review of the game..

Did Gear Up meet our expectations?

It is a fact that the mobile gaming industry is a very competitive environment. It becomes much more difficult for a mobile game to stand out from its competitors in such an environment. Especially if you are facing users with a popular game such as car racing, the expectations increase even more. At this point, we can say that Ovio Studios has entered the industry from a difficult point. Well, let’s see what kind of game Ovio Studios has come up with with “Gear Up”.

To be honest, there were many points that we criticized in the previous version of “Gear Up”. We are really happy that Ovio Studios has made progress on such points by listening to the criticisms of us and the players. It’s good to see that the game has been improved in many ways during the intervening time. Before moving on to the following parts of the article; Let us remind you again that Gear Up is a free game.

When you open the game, a yellow Lamborghini welcomes you again. Of course, many models of many popular brands in the automobile industry such as BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche are presented in the game, and you can unlock these vehicles with the in-game budget accumulation by playing the game. The modeling of the vehicles was done at a level close to perfection. Although these beautiful vehicles dazzle us; The first point we noticed was the changes made on the UI, that is, the interface. These changes made in the interface contributed to the game’s appearance a little more gaudy in a visual sense. This brings the player’s satisfaction level to the next level visually. In our opinion, the most ambitious issue of Gear Up is the visuals. But for now, just referring to the interface improvement; Let’s talk about graphic quality later in the article.

Changes have been made to the interface

The biggest criticism we directed to the game in its last version was the lack of any map support where you can see your route for the race route. Therefore, it was very difficult to determine the race route. On top of that, the navigation arrow above your head was not working consistently. The good news is that these bugs have been completely fixed in the new version. In the renewed version, a minimap has been added to the top left of the screen where you can see the road route. In addition, the navigation arrow on the vehicle, which allows you to understand where the next checkpoint is, works consistently. It was the most positive point for me that these 2 situations that I complained about the most about the game were corrected.

Added a minimap to the top left

Another error we encountered in the old version was the difficulties of steering the vehicle and the unlimited drift bug. With the unlimited drift bug, it was possible to accumulate budgets as you wish in the game. Fortunately, they have now closed this bug and you can have a more realistic driving experience.

Ovio Studios has solved the graphics business!

In-game vehicle models are near perfect. So you can really feel like you are driving a Lamborghini or driving a Porsche. On top of that, the damage-taking mechanics we criticized in the previous version have also been updated and made healthier. Thus, the realism in the game has been increased a bit more.

Improved damage mechanics

While navigating the city, you can encounter many different city views, so quality visuals are nourished by beautiful city ambiances. In this way, you do not get bored while driving in the city and you can experience the open world experience more clearly. Players who do not want to be stuck with factors such as poles and traffic lights in the city; they can drive at points that allow freer driving, such as airports.

Ovio Studios is getting more and more traversing

Ovio Stuidos, who managed to give hope to the players with the first version of the game, did a much more successful job by revising almost all the points we criticized with the new version. Those who want to get the new version of the game can access Gear Up from the links we have attached below by completely removing the previous version from their smartphones.

iOS users can download the game here.

Android users can download the game here.


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