New Version of EndeavourOS Operating System Released


The new version of EndeavourOS, the easy-to-install Arch Linux operating system, has been released. The new EndeavourOS version offers users many innovations.

A new version of EndeavourOS, one of the Arch Linux operating systems offered to users with a certain level of Linux knowledge, has been released. EndeavourOS offers a simpler use compared to other Arch Linux operating systems and offers an easy start for users who want to use Arch Linux operating systems.

The first stable version of EndeavourOS was available to users on July 15, 2019. After the first stable release, a new version of the operating system is now available. Operating system, which comes with the users with an easy installation menu, brings many innovations.

What’s new in EndeavourOS 2020.4.11
General ISO boot is at the top of the innovations included in the new version of EndeavourOS. If you are using open source drivers or one of NVIDIA’s custom drivers, you can now boot the drivers of your system’s custom graphics cards by booting.

The look and experience of the Calamares installer seems to be improved in the new version of EndeavourOS. The installer’s first noticeable change seems to have been in color. The color of the Calmares installer comes across with a color transition from turquoise to dark blue. It also seems to have arrived at EndeavourOS, a terminal window showing the progress of the installation in the background, as in the installer of Ubuntu.

New languages ​​other than English appear to be included in the introduction of the Arch Linux-based operating system. In the introduction section of EndeavourOS, besides English, there are now languages ​​such as Russian, French, Spanish and German.

In the new version of EndeavourOS, some programs are also available to users. Some programs such as Firefox 75.0.-1 Arch version of Firefox come preloaded with the installation of the operating system.

You can see the other innovations of EndeavourOS 2020.4.11 version from the link here. You can download the new version of EndeavourOS using the link here and easily install it on your computer through the guide in the link.