New verdict in the case between Apple and VirnetX


A court in Texas, USA, ordered Apple to pay $ 502.8 million in damages to VirnetX for patents related to its On-Demand VPN feature. The feature in question allows iOS users to access VPN connections. The fight between Apple and VirnetX, sometimes described as a patent troll, started 10 years ago. VirnetX claimed that Apple’s FaceTime and On-Demand VPN features violated its patents.

Stating that the decision will be appealed in the statement made by Apple, the following statements were used: “This case has been going on for more than ten years. Patents that are unrelated to the main operations of our products and canceled by the patent office are subject to. Such lawsuits only serve to hinder innovation and harm customers. ”

Later this year, an appeals court in the US dismissed Apple’s appeal for a separate ruling that VirnetX was infringing its patents. Decisions taken in the long fight between the parties also changed over time. In 2018, the federal court in the state of Texas ordered Apple to pay $ 502.6 million to VirnetX for violations of four patents related to internet-based communications.

However, in November 2019, a jury panel of three members invalidated this compensation. However, the juries had not changed the verdict that two VirnetX patents were violated on older iPhone models. Apple also requested a reconsideration of this decision in the VirnetX case.


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