New update for realme X2 Pro: The faces are laughing


The September 2020 update has been released for realme X2 Pro users. We have seen that realme 7 Pro and some old realme models are refreshed with various updates.

X2 Pro is also among the smartphones defined as flagship. This product of Chinese origin is about to be 1 year old. Because his release date is October 15, 2019.

realme X2 Pro refreshed with September 2020 update

There are 7 main titles in this software, whose update code is “RMX1931EX_11_C.32”. These headings include categories such as security, applications, file manager, settings, multi-user, game play, and system.

The X2 Pro, which was further strengthened against attacks with the security patch prepared for this month, has an application named Soloop that allows easy editing of the videos taken. In addition, with this update, the crash problem experienced during renaming of files was also removed.

The issue where the battery icon cannot be displayed when activating the super power saving mode has also been resolved. The problem of not being able to turn off the brightness after turning on the power saving mode is among the problems that have been neutralized.

The problem of not being able to exit games produced for horizontal screens annoyed many users. This glitch will no longer bother anyone. The sound problem in the game named Marvel Contest of Champion has also been removed.

realme X2 Pro

The reboot problem that occurs on X2 Pro models that cannot connect to the Internet is no longer present. In addition, it was learned that voice messages active in the background started to work in harmony with WhatsApp.

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Finally, applications opened with face scanning will no longer show users’ fingerprints. What do you think about the new update? We are waiting your comments.


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