A New Update Bringing World Maker Mode to Super Mario Maker 2 is on the Way


Nintendo is preparing to release a new update for its game Super Mario Maker 2, which is based on episode design. The developer shared a trailer for the update that will include the new World Maker mod in the game.

Nintendo’s Switch console-specific game, Super Mario Maker 2, gets a new mode called World Maker with the new update. The new mode, as the name implies, allows players to create different worlds in the game.

The World Maker mode of Super Mario Maker 2 allows not only creating individual levels, but also connecting them to small worlds. Players can now create 8 different worlds up to 40 levels. Nintendo also released a new trailer that shows all the changes coming to the game this week, including the World Maker mode.

In addition to World Maker, SMM2 is a super Mario Bros. It also includes the new SMB2 mushroom, which turns it into 2 forms, and allows players to take on enemies like in the NES classic. Also Super Mario Bros. Frog Suit from 3, New Super Mario Bros. Super Acorn and Boomerang Suit costumes from U are also added to the game.

On the other hand, new masks are coming that change Mario’s abilities, including the Goomba mask, the Bullet Bill mask, and the Red Pow Box. Koopalings will also be included in this update, allowing to add some variety to boss battles. Finally, a new Cursed Key item such as Mechakoopa from SMB2 Phanto will be added to the game. The new update of Super Mario Maker 2 will be released tomorrow for Nintendo Switch players.

Super Mario Maker 2 – World Maker update:


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