New Universal Parks Patent Teases Real Battles with Harry Potter Wands

A new patent filed by Universal theme parks talks about a potential Harry Potter attraction that will allow guests to participate in a simulation of the battle of wands. More than 10 years after the release of the last part of the franchise “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part 2” The magical world continues to dominate pop culture. As the audience plunged into the magical world Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe and his life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the films told about how young Harry became a powerful wizard and accepted his destiny to defeat the One Who cannot be named, Voldemort.
As the Magical World continues to attract a new audience, most recently with the release of the series “Fantastic Beasts and where they Live”, many are eager to experience magic for themselves. Universal Studios theme parks in Florida and Hollywood can boast of their real versions of the Magical World, allowing guests to wander around the village of Hogsmeade and admire Hogwarts Castle in all its glory, and Orlando guests also get the opportunity to visit the iconic Diagon Alley. These well-loved additions brought the guests as close as possible to the magic of the magical world, and now it seems that Universal is preparing another innovative experience.
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In a new patent filed by Universal, an entirely new type of attraction appears to mimic a wand fight very similar to the characters in the Harry Potter films. Published on the website of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (via Orlando Park Stop) The patent offers an “interactive attraction with an energy effect” in which guests will perform a certain movement, which then prompts the nearest emitter to emit a beam of energy. Although the patent does not specifically state that it will be a combat-type attraction with a wand, the description uses the phrase “hand casting spells” when referring to a user performing movements. See the images from the patent below:
It’s worth noting that not every patent filed by Universal is implemented in parks, but it certainly gives an idea of what innovative ideas are currently being developed behind the scenes. Universal Parks is constantly working to introduce new attractions to the public, primarily thanks to the recent opening of the VelociCoaster, inspired by Jurassic World, as well as Super Nintendo World from Universal Hollywood, the grand opening of which is scheduled for next year. However, if this new “Magic World” attraction appears in parks, it is speculated that it may be part of Universal Orlando’s latest expansion into a third park, Universal’s Epic Universe, rather than one of its pre-existing parks.
This exciting new patent not only teases Potter fans who will soon be able to experience the thrill of a duel of wands, but also gives an idea of what innovative developments may appear in Universal theme parks in the future. . Thanks to the ever-changing technology that constantly brings new magic to the Harry Potter franchise, even outside of theme park attractions, the legacy of the Wizarding World continues to burn brighter than ever. While it may be too early to cook these sticks, many are certainly hoping to see this exciting new attraction eventually arrive at Universal Parks.