New Uber and iFood tax could create fund for drivers


The creation of a new tax on the revenues of transport and delivery companies for the creation of a fund to “bear the risks of self-employed drivers who provide these services”. This is a summary of a bill that aims to tax these companies in exchange for a fund to support workers.

The proposal is by Deputy Delegate Pablo (PSL / AM) and was initially presented in July 2020, but it was not until the end of last year that it began to be processed at the Coordination of Permanent Commissions (CCP) of the Chamber of Deputies.

After the end of the recess, it will now be analyzed by specialized committees and, if approved, it must still undergo discussions in the Senate and the approval of the president.

What the project says

According to the deputy, companies like Uber, 99 and iFood bring benefits to society, but leave to the service provider – drivers and delivery personnel – all responsibility for risks that the activity provides. Work risks during the covid-19 pandemic are not the only factors taken into account, but they would have increased the urgency of the project proposal.

The idea is to collect a new fee, which totals 3% of the revenue from intermediated operations and is collected in the first half of each month, to create the Support Fund for Autonomous Road Drivers (FSCRA). This group will be formed by “representatives of the federal government and the national entity responsible for representing companies in the sector” and a fiscal council.

For the time being, transport and parcel companies have not commented on the project, which may still undergo several changes before possible approval. You can check the original text on the Chamber of Deputies website.


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