A new type of coronavirus that can stay in the body for 49 days has been detected


Examining samples from a middle-aged man in China, scientists came across mutated coronavirus that could remain in the body for 49 days. The new type of coronavirus shows almost no symptoms in the body.

In a study conducted by the Military Medical University in Chongqing, China, experts identified a type of mutated coronavirus in a middle-aged man who could remain in the body for 49 days without symptoms.

In the research, the experts revealed the new type of coronavirus from person to person through airborne droplets. The patient was injected with blood from a patient who recovered from the coronavirus to recover, but it appeared to be more difficult to remove the new type of virus from the body.

Can stay in the body for 2 months
Announcing that the mutated new coronavirus can make people sick for 2 months, scientists announced that the patient’s symptoms are low and moderate. On the other hand, it was reported that the virus had a symbiotic relationship with the human in collaboration with the hospital staff in Çonçing, PLA Hospital No. 967 in Dalian and PLA General Hospital in Wuhan.

Previous studies have shown that the coronavirus can remain in the human body for up to 37 days. The fact that the new virus can remain in the body for 49 days indicates that patients can spread the virus longer before being treated.

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