New Twitch Streamer Exploded After Touching Moment With Mom


In the now viral TikTok, newbie streamer NateBosa exploded after sharing a touching moment with his mom when the two of them celebrated his successful stream, which was watched by nine users.

Streaming on Twitch is a very competitive industry, where streamers need months or even years before they acquire a regular audience. For small streamers, the fact that they managed to overcome the mark of five viewers is often considered an achievement.

In the case of Neutbosa, the young content creator noted that nine people watched it live with his mom — a moment that he highlighted on his TikTok account.

— Mom, are you here? Streamer shouted, prompting his mom to answer and enter the room.

— Oh, you want to say hello? — he asked his mom.

“Say hello, like in real life?” she replied innocently.


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“Yes, there’s just a camera there, and you pretend that there are people there. This is what I do,” Nate told his loving mom, after which his mom introduced herself to Twitch viewers.

“Hi everyone, I’m Nate’s mom. I know I seem too young and too cool, but I’m Nate’s mom,” she said, and then lovingly kissed her son on the head.

“Yes, nine people are watching me now. Nine real people! Can you believe it? Imagine if there were nine people in this room. That would be crazy,” Nate exclaimed, clearly pleased with his achievement.

“Look like you’re hanging out with nine people and you don’t even have to leave the house!” his mom declared, celebrating the moment with him.

The clip was then posted on Twitter, where the post went viral. The streamer exploded, transferring 17,000 subscribers on the platform. Before the clip went viral on Twitter, Neutbos had 3,500 followers.

“Really cool, you’ve probably changed the lives of these kids!” Macaiyla, a fellow content creator, commented on Twitter.

“I see it; I bet he’s thanking his subscribers who subscribed to him, subscriptions, bits, donations, etc., you name it. We need more of these people in the world,” another Twitter user added.


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