New trailer of Iron Mask: Jackie Chan movie


Lionsgate Movies released today (29) a new trailer for The Iron Mask, a Russian adventure film with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the video, movie stars clash while an English cartographer is sent to map Russia’s far east. Check out the trailer.

The plot of The Iron Mask follows the English traveler Jonathan Green, a famous cartographer who is sent on his most ambitious mission: making a map of the Russian Far East. However, while carrying out his work on the borders between Russia and China, he must live with bizarre creatures, mystical beings and powerful wizards.

The epic was released in Eastern Europe and in some Asian countries in late 2019. Directed by Oleg Stepchenko, the film is a sequel to the Forbidden Empire, released in 2014, which was relatively successful in Russian cinemas. For the sequel, the producer KinoCheck International decided to bet on the charisma of Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who make only a few points in the film.

Jason Flemyng returns to his role as Jonathan Green in the film which also featured Charles Dance, Anna Churina, Paul Allica, Xingtong Yao and Rutger Hauer, who passed away in July 2019. The actor, who became known for his role in Blade Runner: The Hunter of Androides, from 1982, also participated in two other films still unpublished.

With no expected date to debut in Brazilian cinemas, The Iron Mask can be launched directly on streaming services because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.


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