New trailer For spoken presented on TGS


Square Enix and Luminous Productions have revealed an exciting new trailer for Forspoken, opening TGS this year. For the first time in a couple of years, the Tokyo Game Show allows fans to attend the event physically, which means that the gaming community had high hopes for one of the largest video game shows in Japan. The Tokyo Game Show 2022 schedule seems to have been filled with important broadcasts from major publishers and developers such as Bandai Namco, Square Enix and Capcom, to name just a few.

Now that one of the first trailers for the big release will be shown at the event, gamers will take a fresh look at Forspoken. The open-world action adventure centers around Frey, a young woman who lives an ordinary life in New York. However, in Freyri’s life, everything quickly changes from the ordinary to the unusual, as she is transported to the magical land of Atia and gets the task to save her from corruption.

It seems that the new trailer for Forspoken is dedicated to this narrative. The new footage runs for about two minutes and does not yet have an English version. However, there are some key details of Forspoken’s story and gameplay that can still be gleaned from it. In the first few seconds of the trailer, fans will get to know a couple of Forspoken dragons better. Although it is not entirely clear which side the dragons are on in the game, it is likely that Frey will have to fight at least one, as they can be seen hovering over the desecrated areas of Atia.

It seems that the ideas around this corruption are what the new trailer mainly revolves around, as the residents of Atia accuse Frey of bringing darkness to their lands. After several scenes with different leaders and non-player characters in the world of Forspoken, it seems that Frey is not easy to make friends in her new home, as she is even accused of contributing to the corruption that has engulfed Atia. However, there are some who believe that Frey and her magic Cuff bracelet can be useful in Forspoken.

It was already assumed that Frey would be up against some of the Forspoken authority figures in the game, but thanks to this new TGS trailer, fans can see how this relationship can develop over the course of history. It seems that Freyr wants to prove herself to those who believe that she causes Atia’s corruption, and it seems that only by stopping the curse, she will be able to make herself innocent.

The release of Forspoken is scheduled for January 24, 2023 on PC and PS5.


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