New Trailer for Dota: Blood of the Dragon released


A new trailer for the Netflix series of Dota 2, the legendary name of the game world, has been released. Netflix, which previously featured games such as The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, continues to excite anime lovers this time with Valve’s legendary game.

The series, which will be broadcast on the world’s most popular digital broadcasting platform, was recently announced on the game’s Twitter account. It also released a trailer for the series on Netflix’s YouTube account. After two weeks of this announcement, a new trailer was added to the series. The trailer offers a clearer look at the new anime series.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood will contain in-depth knowledge of the game

Netflix’s anime series Dota: Blood of the Dragon consists of 8 episodes, based on Valve’s hugely popular game Dota 2. The series will be produced by Studio MIR, who produced The Legend of Korra and Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Netflix made a statement about the series. “The upcoming fantasy drama tells the story of a famous Dragon Knight who is committed to wiping trouble from the face of the world. After encountering a powerful, ancient eldwurm and the noble Princess Mirana on her secret mission, Davion gets involved in events far greater than you can imagine.

The new trailer shows more character and story elements. As you can see, the story will follow Davion, who does his dragon hunting. Let us point out that Davion was doing a dragon hunting business before “getting involved in bigger events than you can imagine.”

Composed of eight episodes, Dota: Blood of the Dragon will be released on Netflix on March 25th. Additionally, let’s point out that Dota 2 is not the only major free-to-play MOBA to make its own TV show.

Riot Games is working on an animated series called Arcane in the League of Legends universe. The series, which was postponed in 2020, is planned to be released this year.


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