New tool for storage space management from WhatsApp


WhatsApp has prepared a new tool that will make it easier to manage files such as photos, videos, and GIF animation that take up a large amount of storage space without users noticing. With the new storage management tool, it will become an easier process to detect, select and bulk delete files.

WhatsApp’s new tool collects large files and multimedia content. This makes it easier to select and delete multiple files at the same time. In addition, the files are sorted according to their size from large to small.

This makes it easier to decide which file to delete. A preview of files is shown to prevent accidental deletion.

Users can disable the recording of photos and videos by WhatsApp from the very beginning by turning off the auto-save feature. However, for those who do not disable this feature, WhatsApp’s new storage space management tool will be very useful. Users will be able to access this tool through the “Storage management” option under “Data and storage usage” in the Settings section of WhatsApp.

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