New Tomb Raider will have elements of the classics


Through a video published on the official Tomb Raider profile, Will Kerslake, game director of the franchise, commented a little on Lara Croft’s future plans for games and revealed that the next title in the saga should mix elements of classic games with those presented in the reboot trilogy.

In 2021, Square Enix celebrates 25 years of the Tomb Raider franchise, but according to the publisher, the anniversary will be more a “remember” than a bombshell event, focusing on “community materials, nostalgic content and many surprises”. Thus, everything indicates that fans should wait a little longer to have access to the great revelations about the new game.

“We envision the future of Tomb Raider unfolding after [the reboot trilogy], telling stories that are based on the breadth of Core Design and Crystal Dynamics games, looking to unify these timelines,” said Will Kerslake. “With Tomb Raider’s extensive history, this is not an easy task and we ask for patience as we move forward in the process.”

So far, there are no clues as to how this unification will be implemented, but in relation to the narrative, the series already announced by Netflix, which will follow the events of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, may give great indications about the plot of the new title of saga.

What are your expectations for Lara’s new adventure? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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