New tips on promoting the iPhone 12 series


Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 12 series in the coming weeks. October 13 seems to be the most likely date of iPhone event this year. The new type of coronavirus pandemic has affected the development of new models, and Apple a few months ago shared the information that new phones will not go on sale worldwide from mid-September as in previous years.

Apple held a virtual press event two weeks ago focusing on new Apple Watch models, new iPads and new subscriptions. Apple didn’t mention the iPhone 12 during the event, but introduced the A14 Bionic processor that will power four upcoming smartphones.

September is almost over, in which case the company will not announce the iPhone press conference date anytime soon. A new report suggests that the iPhone 12 may launch in late October in a major country that is not normally part of the first wave of major country markets. This can be considered another indication that the iPhone 12 launch event is imminent.

Sources aware of Apple’s plans told The Korea Herald that Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 12 series in South Korea earlier than its regular schedule. According to the report, Apple wants to attract more 5G users in the market.

Sources do not mention a specific release date, but suggest Apple plans to launch the iPhone 12 in late September or early November. This could coincide with the release date of the new worldwide smartphone series. If Apple advertises the iPhone 12 on October 13th, the phone could hit stores on October 23rd.

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The Korea Herald points out that Apple normally releases iPhones in South Korea about a month after the US, Europe and other major countries. iPhone 12 marks an important strategy change for Apple. Another explanation for this situation is that the global market launch has already been delayed and therefore the launch in South Korea may appear earlier than expected.

It is also stated in the report that Apple is expected to release four new iPhone models this fall. However, there is no mention of which new phone versions will be available in South Korea. Apple is expected to release two iPhone 12 versions in October, with the remaining two to be released a few weeks later.

The Korea Herald offers a possible explanation for Apple’s focus on South Korea this year. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to support the 28GHz high frequency 5G band, a feature that none of the current Samsung and LG branded 5G phones have. South Korea was the first country to open 5G networks, and Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to launch a 5G phone in this country last year.

There is no consensus on which iPhone 12 versions will be released in October, but all news seems to agree that the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will be at the top, will be delayed to November.


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