New TikTok fun: the dog playing Jenga!


TikTok is getting a new viral video every day. Now TikTok’s new fun has been playing the game Jenga very well with a dog’s owner. We often see the colorful moments of pets on social media. Some of our little friends who go into disguise are quite talented. The dog playing Jenga, which reached millions of people in a short time on TikTok, draws attention with its performance better than many.

The dog playing Jenga that has reached millions in TikTok!

TikTok contains a wide variety of videos. TikTok, which is criticized from time to time but still one of the most downloaded and used applications, also offers different versions of pets to users.

The dog playing Jenga, shared recently on the account named “niza_the_frenchie”, succeeds in this balance game by making good choices. This sweet dog, which has become a tough competitor to its owner by making better moves than most people, has been shared by many on social media.

The video of the dog that learns how to play Jenga is shared separately on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and reached millions of people:


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