New TikTok Family Options: Restricted Mode


13 years is the minimum age you must be to open a TikTok account, although it is easy to see younger children using the app and creating videos. Thinking of those parents, of families in general with minor children who have TikTok accounts, the new update of the application brings a series of tools for parental control.

Family Pairing TikTok

With this in mind, earlier this year the Chinese social network implemented the Family Pairing / Family Matching program, which allows parents to link their TikTok account with that of their teenager to enable a variety of content and privacy settings. Now it has expanded this feature to give parents more supervision and families a stronger set of tools to create the right TikTok experience for them.

Through family pairing, parents can help guide their teens’ browsing experience with the following controls:

  • Search: Decide if your teenager can search for content, users, hashtags or sounds
    Screen time management: Set how much time your child can spend on TikTok each day.
  • Restricted mode: Limit the appearance of content that is not appropriate for a general audience in your child’s For You feed

As young people begin to have a presence on the Internet, we believe it is important to give families tools so that parents and adolescents can put protective barriers together. Our expanded Family Matching feature now includes:

– Comments: Decide who can comment on the videos of your child / adolescent (everyone, friends, nobody)

– Discovery: Decide if your child’s account is private (the teenager decides who can see their content) or public (anyone can search and view the content)

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– Videos of interest: Many people enjoy finding new videos to see that others who follow have also enjoyed, but this control allows families to decide if others can see the list of videos that their teenager liked

– Direct messages: Deactivate direct messaging completely. With user safety in mind, Tiktok already has policies and controls for messaging. For example, c, and only approved followers can send messages to each other, and images and videos cannot be sent in messages.

According to the app, “every family is different. Some may choose to use Family Matching only when their teen is new to TikTok; Others may choose to stay logged into their teen’s account for a longer time. And even without Family Pairing enabled, teens can always take advantage of these tools by selecting them individually through their app settings. “


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