New theory has become the most persuasive among fans


Fans are still sifting through the final chapters of Lucifer for new clues and have come up with a compelling theory about the devil’s love interest, Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Throughout the series, Chloe (Lauren German) has uncovered more secrets about her strange past, including the fact that her birth was blessed by Lucifer’s brother, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside).

Now Chloe isn’t sure if she was meant to be a gift to Lucifer from her father or if she has another purpose altogether. With the long-awaited arrival of God (Dennis Haysbert) in the mid-season finale, fans are expected to get some answers.

Until then, the discussions have continued online, and a discerning fan may have found the most persuasive theory to explain Chloe Decker’s ending so far in Lucifer.

The theory suggests that Chloe is more than human, she has a heavenly bond and that connection will allow Chloe to join Lucifer in heaven or hell when her time on Earth comes to an end.

The theory also suggests that this bond has been strengthening with the passage of Lucifer’s seasons thus allowing a union on a spiritual level and since Lucifer can move between the worlds, Chloe could also do it without suffering any damage.

Even after what is supposed to be a few weeks, Lucifer and Chloe already seem like the perfect couple, despite Lucifer’s reluctance to say “I love you” in the last episode.

Whether God is behind this grand romantic plan has yet to be revealed, but Chloe’s apparent connection to the celestial realm may have subtly established the character’s conclusion once the series reaches the end of Lucifer’s sixth season.


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