Why New Tests of People Who Have Catched Coronary Infection and Then Healed


While the coronavirus epidemic continues to be affected by new people, people who have the disease continue to recover. However, re-testing of a very small part of healing people can yield positive results. Scientists have explained why the healed people have positive results for the COVID-19 tests.

More than 82,000 people, mostly in China, recovered after being caught in coronavirus. These people continue to assist researchers in treating the disease and developing the vaccine. However, positive results were obtained in the control tests of a small number of people who were discharged from hospitals.

It has been announced that the COVID-19 test has been positive after 100 people in China, 1 in Japan, 1 in South Korea, 1 in Italy and 1 in the USA have recovered. The most tragic case was a 36-year-old man in the USA. The man whose tests were negative because he recovered in the USA died 5 days after he was discharged from the hospital due to coronavirus. In Italy, a person who was discharged for recovery after treatment was quarantined again after his tests were positive again.

The fact that people who survived coronavirus were positive again in this way pushed scientists into deep thought. Experts say that the immune system plays a role in coronavirus just like in the flu, so positive post-recovery tests cannot mean that the infection has happened again.

Dr. Hong Kong University School of Public Health director. Keiji Fukuda said, “You get infected, your immune system comes to life against this virus. When you are in this situation, getting infected again will be unusual unless there is a problem with your immune system. ”

Experts state that people who survive coronavirus may still have fragments of immobilized virus, which can lead to positive results in post-discharge tests.

USA National Allergy and Infectious Diseases Institute Clinical Researches and Special Projects manager Dr. Clifford Lane said the best way to prove re-infection is to sort out the genomes in both infections and reveal the differences between them.

A difference in the comparison after genome sequencing may indicate that the virus has mutated. Viruses that mutate quickly prevent vaccine development. Therefore, patients who test positive after recovery will be specially examined.

Of course, early discharge of patients and human errors in the tests may be among the reasons why these tests are positive. There are reports that some of the people who were discharged in China showed more severe symptoms than people who showed their initial symptoms. However, Chinese authorities say that these people are no longer endangered in terms of virus outbreak.

It is not uncomfortable that the re-tests of the recovered patients are positive. The number is too few to be considered an exception. On the other hand, as the experts state, tests, problems that may arise and early discharge may have caused these problems. At the same time, the defense developed by the immune system still remains the most reliable factor in treatment.